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Advanced tools help extract insights including volumetric measurements, change detection, and 3D mapping

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Who are we?

Stitch3D is on a mission to bring the power of digital 3D to the world. We are doing this by building a collaborative cloud-based platform where users can easily visualize beautiful 3D images, extract intelligent point cloud information using a suite of advanced analytical tools, and create 3D universes with a simple yet powerful interface. The next generation of computer visualization is here. With stitch3D, you will be able to see and understand the world in ways you have never been able to before.

What is LIDAR used for?

LIDAR is a 3D laser scanning technology that was first developed by the U.S. military in the 1960s to detect hidden missiles in the Cuban jungle. Today, it is used in 3D mapping, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, robotics, augmented reality, and so much more. In fact, Apple has even installed LIDAR on the latest iPhone Pros. We might soon be living in a world where 3D social media or 3D live-streamed events are the norm.

How do I use this platform?

Stitch3D is a cloud 3D data management platform to help you easily visualize, analyze, and share 3D data of any size or format, directly on the web. Users can either upload their own point clouds or use the search bar to pull public 3D datasets, such as New York City or the Grand Canyon.

What is LIDAR?

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) uses lasers to map the physical world in 3D. With each beam of light, LIDAR is able to survey the physical environment by creating a “point cloud” - literally a collection of points where the laser has surveyed. LIDAR makes 3D reality capture possible and allows anyone to document the real world digitally.

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