Introducing Stitch3D: Making 3D accessible for everyone

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Clark Yuan
Clark Yuan
January 8, 2024
3 min

Once Upon COVID...

In the summer of 2020, while our team was working with a US Navy Research Lab specializing in 3D modeling for military applications, disaster struck - the USS Bonhomme Richard caught fire and burned for more than four days while still pier-side in San Diego. Fortunately, as the Navy’s premier 3D scanning shop, our lab was called upon to capture the damages using a 3D LIDAR scanner for documentation and follow-on investigations.

Only, there was one problem. 3D file formats were not supported by commercial cloud data platforms, and certainly not viewable by the Department of Defense’s internal cloud solutions.

To share the more than two terabytes of 3D data captured onboard the damaged USS Bonhomme Richard, the Navy resorted to shipping thumb drives, external hard drives, and even blue-ray discs to the various authorities. This drastically slowed investigations down as analysts were forced to first download massive 3D files to local computers before uploading the data back into specialized desktop-based software to view and analyze. Digital collaboration across 3D models was completely out of the question.

3D is Reshaping the World, So Hop Onboard!

Now, almost four years later, the same problem persists. Traditional cloud storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud, and OneDrive remain incompatible with 3D formats, leaving folks with the tedious task of downloading and uploading 3D files to specific desktop-based 3D software just to view the content. Without the ability to preview and analyze 3D files directly on the web, much less being able to share and collaborate in digital 3D, 3D workflows remain very painful. 

We built Stitch3D to solve this exact problem. Our goal is to make 3D content easily accessible for everyone. Gone are the days of shipping thumb drives or spending hours downloading and uploading 3D files to specialized desktop software. With Stitch3D, you can:

·       View your 3D models directly on any web browser with ultra-fast rendering.

·       Seamlessly share 3D files using a public or private URL or send an email invite.

·       Perform a range of analytics including distance, area, or stockpile and crater volume measurements.

·       Map georeferenced 3D point clouds to a street or satellite map.

·       Create flythrough videos of your 3D content for marketing material.

·       Markup your 3D data using annotations and 3D slicing features.

·       Invite teammates to join your organization.

We are launching Stitch3D today as a free service, with the option to pay for additional storage or create an enterprise account. So, whether you are a 3D novice, a seasoned 3D engineer, or just wondering what all the fuss surrounding 3D is about, create an account today at and let Stitch3D help bring your 3D creations into the future.


3D Made Easy.

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