We want to make the world of digital 3D accessible to everyone

The potential for 3D data to help all aspects of our lives is endless. We believe this potential is locked behind poorly designed tools that make things far more complicated than they need to be. We are here to make 3D easy.

About us

Our story

We started Stitch3D in 2020 to make it easier for people to work with and experience the 3D digital world. While working with the U.S. military in our earliest days across emerging 3D technologies such as augmented reality, 3D printing, computer vision, and AI imaging, we realized that the industry was outpacing the necessary infrastructure to work in digital 3D.

Which is why our team refocused on first principles and what it means for people to work together in 3D, regardless of industry. Guided by the belief that collaboration leads to better decisions, that there is beauty in simplicity, and that design is as important as innovation, we reimagined and created the digital infrastructure that is tailored for all your 3D needs.

About us 02

3D Made Easy.

Unlocking the potential of 3D data requires tools that anyone can effortlessly use. We understand that the true power of 3D lies in accessibility, not complexity. With Stitch3D, we're committed to providing you with user-friendly solutions that make navigating the 3D world as easy as it should be.

“ Clutter and confusion are failures of design, not attributes of information. “
Edward Tufte

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The humans behind the product

Team member 01

Clark Yuan

CEO & Founder

Former Army officer focused on service and building technology that connects people.

Team member 02

Parth Singhal

Founding Engineer

Passionate about climate tech and building systems that solve problems involving big data.

Team member 03

Jeff Jakinovich

Lead Engineer

Fueled by espresso and the drive to build useful things with code.

Team member 04

Azim Siddiki

Fullstack Engineer

Loves to craft meaningful digital experiences, one line at a time.

Team member 05

Koreex Jin

3D Engineer

Unleash innovation in startups, seamlessly blending code and reality.

Team member 06

Jilie Zeng

Software Engineer

Passionate about bringing great product ideas to life through engineering.

Team member 07

Elnaz Bailey

AR/VR Software Engineer

Creates AR/VR experiences with research interests at the intersection of generative design and immersive environments.

Team member 08

Dana Yao

Product Designer

User-centric product designer dedicated to harmonizing user needs with creative functionality and aesthetic excellence.

Team member 09

Ryan Kim

Business Development

Passionate about new ventures that place groundbreaking technologies into the hands of new customers.

Team member 09

Karthik Udhayakumar

Software Engineer Intern

Loves developing interactive web applications especially in areas of graphics and vision.

Sounds like we are building something cool?